The Benefits of Cardio Workouts with Treadmills

August 23, 2012

Not too far from where I live, there is a local fire station that services our area and a few other surrounding areas. The odd time I walk past it, I get to see the fire fighters performing safety drills and performing provisional firefighting acts such as climbing a tower with a ladder, performing dummy first aid and working on a firefighting drill such as connecting the water hose to a water supply and aiming the nozzle at an alleged fire. It’s really cool to see how they organize themselves.

But I gotta say… observing them in their firefighting outfits, which look very heavy by the way, and performing these fire drills with temperatures they battle in, makes me wonder how fit these guys actually are. From carrying all that heavy weight around such as equipment, to fighting off dangerous fires and even lifting people to safety, these guys have a tough role to play. I’m always intrigued to know if they are doing any other sort of training such as lifting weights to build strength in their arm’s and legs or are they getting involved in any cardiovascular training? 

My assumption is that they got to be doing physical training, as these guys need to be in top shape in order to perform their duties on the job. Apart from building strength via a weight-training program, a good cardio workout would help them immensely in excelling at their job.

One obvious benefit to cardio training for these firefighters would be the fact that their stamina and agility whilst performing fire-fighting drills would be top notch. A good cardio workout assists in building strength and stamina for the body, thus helping firefighters to quickly implement their tasks to the best of their ability.

Another benefit to these men and women who perform this life threatening job, is that cardio training helps to promote blood-flow to the body and strengthens the heart muscle and lungs. As you can imagine, having these organs working in perfect order (Especially your lungs) whilst fighting off fire, is a vital part of performing the job to the best of your ability. Cardio training such as running on a treadmill, or working out on an elliptical trainer will help you to build a better lung capacity and firefighters will benefit from that.

The last benefit I want to talk about is the realization that cardio training helps to keep the mind sharp and calm. I assume that these two results of a cardio workout must be of great benefit to a firefighter, as he/she must acquire a calm, yet sharp mind when entering dangerous situations where fire is a big threat to their lives and the lives of those people who are defenseless against a fire attack.

Perhaps the next time I walk past my local fire station and see these brave people in action performing their fire fighting drills, I might ask one of them the question, “Do you guys implement any cardio training?’

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