How Firefighters Died in 2007

August 22, 2008

The United States Fire Administration has released its preliminary report on how firefighters died in 2007. There aren’t many surprises in this report as most of the numbers are still relatively similar to years past. In 2007, 118 firefighters were killed in the line of duty from various causes.

As an overview of how the 118 firefighters died in 2007, here are some of the “highlights” of the report.

  • 68 volunteer firefighters and 50 career firefighters died while on duty.
  • There were 7 firefighter fatality incidents where 2 or more firefighters were killed, claiming a total of 21 firefighters’ lives.
  • 11 firefighters were killed during activities involving brush, grass, or wildland firefighting, the lowest in over a decade.
  • Activities related to emergency incidents resulted in the deaths of 76 firefighters.
  • 38 firefighters died while engaging in activities at the scene of a fire.
  • 26 firefighters died while responding to or returning from emergency incidents.
  • 11 firefighters died while they were engaged in training activities.
  • 15 firefighters died after the conclusion of their on-duty activity.
  • Heart attacks were the most frequent cause of death for 2007, with 52 firefighter deaths.
  • 27 firefighters were killed as a result of vehicle crashes.

You can download the full report from two sources:

NFPA Full Report
USFA Full Report

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